The Proverbs of Solomon son of David, who reigned in Israel; to know wisdom and instruction, and to perceive words of understanding; to receive also * Gr. turnings, q.d. knotty words. See Heb. hard saying, and to understand true justice, and how to direct judgement; that he might give subtlety to the simple, and to the young man Or, discretion. discernment and understanding. For by the hearing of these a wise man will be wiser, and man of understanding will gain direction; and will understand a parable, and a dark speech; the saying of the wise also, and riddles. The fear of the Lord is the Or, sum, or, top. beginning of wisdom; and there is good understanding to all that practise it: and piety towards God is the beginning of discernment; but the ungodly will set at nothing wisdom and instruction. Hear, my son, the instruction of your father, and reject not the rules of your mother. For you shall receive for your head a crown of graces, and a chain of gold round your neck. 10  My son, let not ungodly men lead you astray, neither consent you to them. 11 If they should exhort you, saying, Come with us, partake in blood, and let us unjustly hide the just man in the earth: 12 and let us swallow him alive, as Hades would, and remove the memorial of him from the earth: 13 let us seize on his valuable property, and let us fill our houses with spoils: 14 but do you cast in your lot with us, and let us all provide a common purse, and let us have one pouch: 15 go not in the way with them, but turn aside your foot from their paths: 16  § this verse is not in the text. The Alexandrine text is shown here For their feet run to do evil, and are swift to shed blood. 17 for nets are not without cause spread for birds. 18 For they that are concerned in murder store up evils for themselves; and the overthrow of transgressors is evil. 19 These are the ways of all that perform lawless deeds; for by ungodliness they destroy their own life. 20 Wisdom sings aloud in passages, and in the broad places speaks boldly. 21 And she makes proclamation on the top of the walls, and sits by the gates of princes; and at the gates of the city boldly says, 22 So long as the simple cleave to justice, they shall not be ashamed: but the foolish being lovers of haughtiness, having become ungodly have hated knowledge, and are become subject to reproofs. 23 Behold, I will bring forth to you the utterance of my breath, and I will instruct you in my speech. 24 Since I called, and you⌃ did not listen; and I spoke at length, and you⌃ gave no heed; 25 but you⌃ set at nothing my counsels, and disregarded my reproofs; 26 therefore I also will laugh at your destruction; and I will rejoice against you when ruin comes upon you: 27 yes when dismay suddenly comes upon you, and your overthrow shall arrive like a tempest; and when tribulation and distress shall come upon you, or when ruin shall come upon you. 28 For it shall be that when you⌃ call upon me, I will not listen to you: wicked men shall seek me, but shall not find me. 29 For they hated wisdom, and did not choose the word of the Lord: 30 neither would they attend to my counsels, but derided my reproofs. 31 Therefore shall they eat the fruits of their own way, and shall be filled with their own ungodliness. 32 For because they wronged the simple, they shall be slain; and an inquisition shall ruin the ungodly. 33 But he that hearkens to me shall dwell in ** Gr. hope. See Ps 16. confidence, and shall rest securely from all evil.

*1:3 Gr. turnings, q.d. knotty words. See Heb.

1:4 Or, discretion.

1:7 Or, sum, or, top.

§1:16 this verse is not in the text. The Alexandrine text is shown here

**1:33 Gr. hope. See Ps 16.